Is it safe to invest money in Force?

  • The Force contract is undergoing security audits, however be mindful that security audits do not guarantee that all risks have been mitigated.
  • Only invest in DeFi protocols with sums that you can afford to lose.

Is Force audited?

  • Currently we are going through audits.
  • More info regarding audits coming soon

Feedback & Support

If you have questions about how to do anything, we can help you on:



  • hosts UIs for the Force, Ethereum and Polygon vault products.


What is a Vault?

  • Vaults employ strategies to automate the best yield farming opportunities available.
  • They were designed so that the community could work together to build new strategies to find the best yield.
  • Simply put vaults can do this:
    • Use any asset as liquidity.
    • Use liquidity as collateral and manage collateral at a safe level in order to avoid a default
    • Put the stablecoins to work on some farming.
    • Reinvest earned stablecoins.

Can't I just do all this myself though?

  • Yes you could, but vaults help you save on gas, keep a good collateral/debt ratio to avoid defaults, and auto optimizes for the highest yielding strategies, even while you are sleeping.

I see ROI on the vaults page. Is it the current one?

  • No. This is the historical average for that vault. Current APY / returns are not shown as vaults are a beta product and being tested live.
  • Various third party sites provide APY and other info.

What are the risks?

  • As of now, Force is undergoing audits.
  • More info regarding audits coming soon.
  • Smart contract risk with any contracts that the vaults interact with.

I deposited into a vault, what will I get out when I withdraw?

  • You can only withdraw the crypto asset type that you put in.
  • You will get the amount you originally put in, plus the yield you've earned.

What are the Fees?

Info coming soon


Info coming soon

Vault Strategies

What are the current strategies?

  • You can view the current strategies implemented on the Force dashboard.

Who is in control of the strategies?

  • Developers write them but the multi-sig, instructed by Force voters, decides if they will be implemented or not.

When does a strategy change and who changes it? Is it automatic?

  • More info regarding timelock and implementation structure coming soon.


All about FIPs

What is a FIP? Why do they matter?

  • A FIP or Force Improvement Proposal is how features are added to Force.

How many people need to vote to pass a FIP proposed?

Info coming soon

How do I make a proposal?

  • The default template for proposals can be found on the forum.
  • The process is roughly:
    1. 1.
      Forum discussion (minimum three days)
    2. 2.
      Promote to FIP (usually done by mods)
    3. 3.
      Put on Snapshot (minimum five days off-chain voting)
    4. 4.

Who can make a proposal?

  • Anyone can post a proposal on the forum for discussion within the community. If it's promoted to off-chain voting (via Snapshot), only someone holding 1 FORCE can submit it to Snapshot. In case your proposal made it to off-chain voting and you don't have enough FORCE, mods will help you.


User Interface

Can I use the Force dApps on my phone?

  • Yes, you have to use a wallet browser extension. ie MetaMask

Technical Support

I sent my ETH transaction but it says pending? How do I fix this?

  • You should always make sure to set your gas properly if you want a transaction to go through quickly. Check current gas prices at Ethgasstation or gasnow.
  • If you're using MetaMask and you put your transaction through but it's going too slow, you have the option to speed it up by clicking the speed up button below your last pending transaction under "activity". This should resend the same TX again with a higher gas price to get it confirmed faster.
  • If you've tried everything and your transaction is still stuck pending, you can fix it by sending a transaction to the nonce of the first stuck transaction with a high gas price to overwrite the stuck queue. Here's a good guide explaining how to do this.

Why is the withdrawal fee so high?

  • If you're seeing higher than normal fees while using Force then it may be due to Ethereum congestion and abnormally high gas costs. Check Ethgasstation. Your options are to wait until gas prices drop or spend the money to process your transaction now.
  • If the gas prices are crazy high, that means there is an error and the transaction will not be able to process.