Core Contributor Program

Early Contributor Incentive (Currently Closed)

Force DAO’s treasury has 5% of the total $FORCE supply earmarked for Early Contributors.
We recognize that different roles require different levels of engagement.
Ideally Early Contributors will transition post-launch to join the formal Force DAO operations team.
Early Contributor incentives will be paid completely in FORCE tokens that will vest linearly every 2 weeks for 6 months.

Core Roles

  • Quant Minds: Don’t build in silo! Propose strategies, collaborate with our operations team and earn performance fees from the profits of your vaults.
  • Developers: Build at the intersection of finance and crypto, we have several grants lined up for your help.
  • DAO Governance: Help setup processes and procedures for reaching quorum, proposing FIPs and achieving governance objectives.
  • Researchers: Innovative research that blends creativity with modern financial theory is the foundation of our success.
  • Designers: Paging all artists! We’re approaching design from a clean canvas, help mold the brand and products of Force DAO.
  • Marketers & Community Managers: Leverage your skills and industry-wide recognition for creating a vibrant community.
  • Bugs and Production Support: Q&A and hot fixes for product.
  • Legal & Compliance: Approvals, renewals, regulatory steering.
  • Documentation: Guides, walkthroughs, docs, explainer videos.