General Information

3CRV strategy is available at:
Risk Profile
Pooling + Compound Interest
Curve Finance

How does the strategy make money?

All Force "Yield Automation" strategies generate revenue by investing the asset a user deposits, into an "incentivized" financial market.
In the case of the 3CRV strategy, the "incentivized" financial market is Curve Finance, where yield is generated by:
  • Pooling Fees: Native APY generated by providing liquidity to Curve's 3CRV AMM pool.
  • Compound Interest: Liquidating the CRV incentive rewards in exchange for 3CRV, which is then reinvested into the user's original position.

How does the reward boost work?

After a user deposits 3CRV tokens into the vault, the contract automatically mints and transfers x3CRV tokens into the user's wallet.
The x3CRV tokens can then be "staked" into the rewards pool, where the user can then benefit from additional token rewards in the form of xFORCE.
xFORCE are the interest-bearing version of FORCE. xFORCE yield is generated by a buy back mechanism outlined in the economics section.

Step-By-Step Explainer

  1. 1.
    To invest into the strategy, users deposit 3CRV tokens into the vault contract.
  2. 2.
    Upon deposit, they are issued a share of the vault, represented by x3CRV. These user's funds are then made available for investment according to the pre-defined "strategy" above.
  3. 3.
    User's are able to deposit their x3CRV tokens into the "Rewards Pool" to receive an additional APY in xFORCE tokens.