How do I acquire 1inch ETH-DAI LP tokens?

1Inch ETH-DAI LP Guide

Follow these steps to acquire the 1Inch ETH-DAI LP token. You will need a wallet, such as MetaMask and some ETH. You can get ETH-DAI LP at

  1. Navigate to, connect your wallet and login.

  2. If you have only ETH, swap some ETH for DAI

  3. You need to provide liquidity using equal parts of ETH and DAI

  4. Select Liquidity and add equal parts ETH and DAI

  5. Receive ETH-DAI LP tokens.

  6. Navigate to Force DAO dashboard.

  7. Authorize Deposit, Deposit ETH-DAI LP, receive xETH-DAI LP, Authorize Stake, and finally Stake xETH-DAI LP tokens.

1. Navigate to

Navigate to choose your network and connect your wallet.

2. The process of creating an ETH-DAI LP

Once you have connected your wallet, click on "DAO" in the header of the website - highlighted in the image below.

Once you have clicked DAO, you will be taken you a new page, and on the left hand side of the screen you need to select ‘Pools’

Once you have selected Pools, search for the ETH DAI Pair and select the + button to provide liquidity

If you already have both ETH and DAI, you can skip the next section, if you have only ETH you need to convert some ETH to DAI, This needs to be completed on the Exchange tab. There are a couple of steps that will be involved:

  1. Approve ETH for usage on 1inch

  2. Swap ETH for DAI

Once you have decided how much ETH to swap for DAI, click Swap token. At that point, MetaMask will ask you to confirm the transaction, as per below.

Congratulations! You now have both ETH and DAI which will enable you to create an ETH-DAI LP. Now you need to move to the DAO and Pool tab again.

To create an ETH-DAI LP, choose ETH or DAI from the top drop down that says Select Token and DAI or ETH from the lower drop down so that it looks like this image and choose the total USD value you want, we choose $1.

To create an LP, you will need equal parts of both assets. 1inch will work this out for you.

3. Approvals

As you may be a new user to 1inch, you will need to approve or ‘unlock’ your DAI, this is a one time activity and once it's approved you should not have to approve again.

4. Supply your Assets to Create ETH-DAI LP

You are now ready to supply your equal parts of ETH and DAI to create an ETH-DAI LP.

Once your supply is confirmed, you’ve made an ETH-DAI LP, for the next steps..

5. Navigate to Force DAO dashboard

Navigate to Force dashboard and select the 1inch ETH-DAI strategy

6. Authorize Deposit, Deposit ETH-DAI, receive xETH-DAI, Authorize Stake, and Stake xETH-DAI tokens

Now that you are ready to place your ETH-DAI LP into the vault, there are a few steps to finalize your position. Each token in your wallet must first be authorized to be deposited into the vault, followed by depositing. After the token is deposited into the vault, once again authorization is needed to stake these tokens. When authorization is completed, the last step is stake your xLP and begin earning yield!