🪂FORCE Airdrop

Airdrop Distribution

When our team first started this project, there was a shared belief that our tokens shouldn’t be distributed via a public sale or private sale with VCs.
We wanted to attract DeFi’s brightest minds, inviting existing communities with common ethos and vision.
This is still the case, and the reason we chose an airdrop as our primary token distribution method.


As mentioned in our introductory post, 25 million FORCE tokens of our fixed 100 million supply, were distributed.
Ethereum Projects
  • Amount: 17,750,000 FORCE
  • Dates: Claimable throughout April 28th — June 16th
  • Recipients: Participants in the Aave, Alchemix, Badger, Balancer, Curve, Maker DAO, Synthetix, Sushi, Vesper, and Yearn communities.
  • Rationale: Shared ethos and vision.
Force Public Beta
  • Amount: 4,500,000 FORCE
  • Dates: Claimable throughout April 28th — June 16th
  • Recipients: Public Beta and Light Speed participants.
  • Rationale: Reward early supporters and testers helping bootstrap Force.
Harvest Finance
  • Amount: 250,000 FORCE
  • Recipient: Harvest Finance Multisig
  • Rationale: A gift for allowing us to use their smart contract infrastructure as the basis for our “Yield Aggregation” product. Thank you Harvest.

Contract Selection Process

Our team designed the airdrop considering the participation of different addresses throughout the period of January 1st, 2021 and February 28th, 2021. Qualifying criteria's were for the most part economic, with an additional bonus to addresses that are both economically active and participate in governance. The contracts chosen for our airdrop were those aligned with the infrastructure our project requires for our existing products, and those necessary for the upcoming products that will be released over the next weeks and months.
The exact quantitative selection process is reserved at the discretion of the team, and will not be made public. Below you can find the contracts used from block 11565019 to block 11948959.
For many DeFi users, this was their first airdrop, and we're happy to have them as part of our community.
/* AAVE */
'0x4da27a545c0c5B758a6BA100e3a049001de870f5', -- Staked AAVE
'0x028171bCA77440897B824Ca71D1c56caC55b68A3', -- aDAI
'0xBcca60bB61934080951369a648Fb03DF4F96263C', -- aUSDC
'0x3Ed3B47Dd13EC9a98b44e6204A523E766B225811', -- aUSDT
'0x030bA81f1c18d280636F32af80b9AAd02Cf0854e', -- WETH
'0xF256CC7847E919FAc9B808cC216cAc87CCF2f47a', -- xSushi
'0x8dAE6Cb04688C62d939ed9B68d32Bc62e49970b1', -- 3CRV
/* AlchemixFi */
'0xAB8e74017a8Cc7c15FFcCd726603790d26d7DeCa', -- ALCX-LP
'0xC3f279090a47e80990Fe3a9c30d24Cb117EF91a8', -- ETH-ALCX
'0xdBdb4d16EdA451D0503b854CF79D55697F90c8DF', -- ALCX
'0x27bf4D326A4f11a11a72a07F38da64D2f502a23B', -- mALUSD
'0x263a8a6CAC9F58e78413497fC913Fe38bFc45B3b', -- mALCX
/* Balancer */
'0x1efF8aF5D577060BA4ac8A29A13525bb0Ee2A3D5', -- WETH-WBTC
'0x8b6e6E7B5b3801FEd2CaFD4b22b8A16c2F2Db21a', -- WETH-DAI
/* Curve */
'0xbEbc44782C7dB0a1A60Cb6fe97d0b483032FF1C7', -- 3Pool
'0xA2B47E3D5c44877cca798226B7B8118F9BFb7A56', -- Compound
'0xA5407eAE9Ba41422680e2e00537571bcC53efBfD', -- sUSD
'0xbBC81d23Ea2c3ec7e56D39296F0cbB648873a5d3', -- Y
'0xDeBF20617708857ebe4F679508E7b7863a8A8EeE', -- AAVE
'0x3B3Ac5386837Dc563660FB6a0937DFAa5924333B', -- BUSD
'0x4f062658EaAF2C1ccf8C8e36D6824CDf41167956', -- GUSD
'0x0f9cb53Ebe405d49A0bbdBD291A65Ff571bC83e1', -- USDN
'0x42d7025938bEc20B69cBae5A77421082407f053A', -- USDP
'0x52EA46506B9CC5Ef470C5bf89f17Dc28bB35D85C', -- USDT
'0xF178C0b5Bb7e7aBF4e12A4838C7b7c5bA2C623c0', -- sLINK
/* Synthetix */
'0x5e74C9036fb86BD7eCdcb084a0673EFc32eA31cb', -- sETH
'0xDCB6A51eA3CA5d3Fd898Fd6564757c7aAeC3ca92', -- StakingRewards
'0x57Ab1E02fEE23774580C119740129eAC7081e9D3', -- sUSD
'0xd2dF355C19471c8bd7D8A3aa27Ff4e26A21b4076', -- sAAVE
'0xEb029507d3e043DD6C87F2917C4E82B902c35618', -- sCOMP
'0xbBC455cb4F1B9e4bFC4B73970d360c8f032EfEE6', -- sLINK
/* Sushi */
'0xC3D03e4F041Fd4cD388c549Ee2A29a9E5075882f', -- DAI-ETH
'0x397FF1542f962076d0BFE58eA045FfA2d347ACa0', -- USDC-ETH
'0x06da0fd433C1A5d7a4faa01111c044910A184553', -- ETH-USDT
/* Vesper */
'0x0C49066C0808Ee8c673553B7cbd99BCC9ABf113d', -- vUSDC
'0x103cc17C2B1586e5Cd9BaD308690bCd0BBe54D5e', -- vETH
/* Yearn */
'0x597aD1e0c13Bfe8025993D9e79C69E1c0233522e', -- yUSDC
'0x2f08119C6f07c006695E079AAFc638b8789FAf18', -- yUSDT
'0xACd43E627e64355f1861cEC6d3a6688B31a6F952', -- yDAI
'0x9cA85572E6A3EbF24dEDd195623F188735A5179f', -- y3CRV
'0xe1237aA7f535b0CC33Fd973D66cBf830354D16c7', -- yWETH
/* Maker */
'0x3BC3A58b4FC1CbE7e98bB4aB7c99535e8bA9b8F1', -- UniV2WBTCETH
'0x2502F65D77cA13f183850b5f9272270454094A08', -- UniV2WBTCETH
'0x03Ae53B33FeeAc1222C3f372f32D37Ba95f0F099', -- UNIV2USDCETH
'0xA81598667AC561986b70ae11bBE2dd5348ed4327', -- UNIV2DAIUSDC
'0x4aAD139a88D2dd5e7410b408593208523a3a891d', -- UNIV2ETHUSDT
'0xDae88bDe1FB38cF39B6A02b595930A3449e593A6', -- UNIV2LINKETH
'0xf11a98339FE1CdE648e8D1463310CE3ccC3d7cC1', -- UNIV2UNIETH
'0xD40798267795Cbf3aeEA8E9F8DCbdBA9b5281fcC', -- UNIV2WBTCDAI
'0x42AFd448Df7d96291551f1eFE1A590101afB1DfF', -- UNIV2AAVEETH
'0xAf034D882169328CAf43b823a4083dABC7EEE0F4' -- UNIV2DAIUSDT