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Your Portal For Cross-Chain Yield

Force DAO is a collective of investment strategists working to identify and productize alpha across DeFi. We're starting with Yield Automation on Ethereum L1, and will soon be expanding with new products to other EVM compatible chains.

Quick Start

  • Products: Provides general info about strategies and how yield is generated.

  • Economics: Outlines token distribution, airdrop and mechanism design.

  • Governance: Explainers and links for submitting improvement proposals and quorum.

  • Developers: Technical documentation for APIs, contracts and system architecture.

  • Resources: General information such as current contributors, FAQ, risks

We're setting up separate docs for strategists covering prizes, datasets and notebooks for the following themes:

  • Yield Automation

  • Arbitrage

  • Indices

  • Derivatives

  • NFTs